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Medical consultation

100 zł




50 zł

Tooth fillings depending on the surface

200-400 zł

Composite veneer

300-500 zł

Tooth reconstruction on fiberglass

350- 450 zł

Devitalization of the pulp

200-250 zł

Endodontic treatment of incisors and canines


Endodontic treatment of premolars

450-600 zł

Endodontic treatment of molars

600- 800zł

Re- endo depending on the numer of channels

od 150 zł

Incisors and canines -microscope

od 500-600zł


od 750-850 zł

Molars- microscope

od 950-1050 zł

Re-endo-microscope depending on the numer of channels

od 150 zł

Removal of a broken tool from the canal

od 300-500 zł

Tooth reconstruction after root canal treatment

180-250 zł

X-ray picture

30-50 zł


Overlay whitening of all teeth

800-1000 zł

Whitening of a dead tooth first visit

125 zł

Whitening of a dead tooth second visit

100 zł

Porcelain veneer
EMAX individual color selection and painting in the dentist”s office

1600 zł

Porcelan veneer

Fired porcelain veneer individual color selection and painting in the dentist”s office

1800-2250 zł

Full ceramic crown

EMAX individual color selection and painting in the dentist”s office

1500-2000 zł

Full ceramic crown

Zirconium oxide individual color selection and painting in the dentist”s office

1600-2000 zł

Onlay / Inlay porcelain

1375 zł



150 zł


150 zł

Scaling and sandblasting

250 zł

Scaling and sandblasting with fluoridation

280-350 zł


od 400 zł za ćwiartkę


Adaptive visit

50 zł

Filling in a milk tooth

100 zł

Devitalization in a milk tooth

100 zł

Permanent tooth sealing

80 zł

Permanent tooth widening

120 zł

Milk tooth extraction

80-100 zł

Milk tooth endodontic treatment

200 zł


Orientation model

100 zł

Porcelain crown on a printed metal foundation

1200-1400 zł

Porcelain crown on milled metal foundation

1300-1400 zł

Cast rooted cast rootstock

350-500 zł

Fiberglass insert made in the office

350-450 zł

Fiberglass insert made in the laboratory

600-800 zł

Porcelain crown on the foundation zirconium

1600-2000 zł

Inlay/Onlay porcelain

1000-1375 zł

Inlay/Onlay composite

750-950 zł

Endocorona composite

1000-1300 zł

Porcelain veneer

1600-2250 zł

Painting the crown, veneers

100 zł

Fiber adhesive bridge

600-700 zł

Temporary crown for eight months  PMMA

za punkt 450-700 zł

Temporary crown made in the officeWAX UP

100-120 zł

Individual milled connector

800-900 zł

Skeletal prosthesis


Acronic prosthesis

2000-2500 zł

Acronic prosthesisEXPRES

3500 zł

Acronic prosthesis to three teeth

1000- 2000zł

Partial acrylic denture

1200 zł

Total arcylic denture

1500 zł

Acrylic denture relining

500-800 zł

 VITAPLEX bedding


Acetal denture

1700-1800 zł

Acrylic denture for three teeth


Denture on latches

Pricing in the office

Complicated prosthetic works

Pricing in the office

Ball latch on the root- crown insert

600-800 zł

Denture latch on the crown

600-800 zł

Soft relaxation splint


Hard relaxation splint


Denture repair one points np. gluing of a broken denture, tooth delivery

150-180 zł

Denture repair two points for example tooth supply and clamp

200 zł



150-250 zł


100 zł

Tooth chiselling

200-800 zł

Chiselling of the tooth with flap formation

500-1000 zł

Tooth chiselling 8

300-800 zł

Anterior root resection

400-500 zł

Lateral root resection

600-800 zł

Cystectomia – cyt enucleation ( price estimation in the office)

400-800 zł

Dekapiszonaż – removing excess gums

200 zł

Incision and drainage of the abscess

200 zł

Undercutting  the lip frenulum

200 zł

Undercutting the tongue frenuum

300 zł

Oral-sinus connection after extraction

300-500 zł


300 zł

Bone augmentation after extraction ( depending on the amount material)

1000-2000 zł


2800 zł

Crown on implant ( depending on the type of foundation)

2400-3200 zł

Standard joining

400-500 zł

Individual joining

700-800 zł

Anodized milled indywidual connector

800-900 zł

Elevation of the sinus closed method

1500-2000 zł

Elevation of the sinus open method

2000-2500 zł

Bone regeneration – bone- forming material

Price estimation in the office

Bone regeneration – bone block

Price estimation in the ofice

Specjalist consultation

150 zł

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