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Examination 100 zł
Dentistry specialist consultation 200 zł
Examination with treatment plan 300 zł
Anesteshia Gratis
Tooth fillings depend on the surface 300-400 zł
Composite veneer/ Bonding from 700 zł
Teeth ligation 800 zł
Fiber glass tooth restoration from 550 zł Eme



Endodontic treatment  
Incisors, canines 800 zł – 1000 zł
Premorals 900 zł – 1200 zł
Morals 1100 zł - 1400zł
An extra root canal from 300 zł
Re- endo depend on number of root canals from 1200 zł
Removal of a broken tool from the canal from 300 zł- 600 zł
X-ray picture 60 zł
Panoramic radiographs 100 zł



Scaling 220 zł
Teeth sundblasting 220 zł
Scaling, sundblasting and fluoridation 400 zł
Curettage from 400 zł
Tray-based teeth whitening 800- 100 zł
Dead tooth whitening (up to three applicaions) 400 zł



Adaptive visit 100 zł
Filling in primary tooth 150 zł
Tooth sealing 150 zł
Extensive tooth sealing from 250 zł
Ekstraction of primary tooth from 150 zł
Endodontic treatment of primary tooth 300 zł



Orientation model 100 zł
Crown- root inlay from 600 zł
Fiberglass insert from 550 zł
An extra fiberglass insert 300 zł
Composite inlay/onlay from 1400 zł
Composite endocrown from 1400zł
Polcelain crown on metal foundation from 1800 zł
Porcelain crown on zirconium foundation from 2000 zł
Porcelain veneer 2200 zł
Removein porcelain crown/ bridge 200 zł
Temporary crown ( up to 8 months) from 550 zł
Temporary crown 150 zł
Frame denture from 2500zł
Acronic denture from 2500 zł
Acronic express denture from 3500 zł
Acronic mini denture (up to three teeth) from 2000zł
Acrylic denture from 2000 zł
Acrylic mini denture (up to three teeth) 1200 zł
Denture on latches indywidual estimate
Dental guard from 800 zł
Micro denture from 1200 zł
Denture repair from 200 zł



Tooth extraction from 300 -600 zł
Wisdom tooth extraction from 500 zł
Microsurgical root resection from 1000 zł
Cystectomy – cyt enucleation from 500zł
e=Excision of lesion and histopathological analysis from 500 zł



Implantation ( depend on the type of implant) 2500-2800 zł
Crown on implant (depend on the type of foundation) 2500-3200 zł
Sinus lift od 1500zł
Bone regeneration with bone graft materials indywidual estimate
Bone regeneration with bone block indywidual estimate

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