Our experience tells us that each patient is an individual case and may have a completely different approach to the different stages of dental treatment.

That is why we try to fully understand any objections and, at the same time, dispel doubts and propose a method of treatment that will be most effective, but also prove to be financially convenient.

Our goal is to painlessly provide beautiful and healthy smiles, in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

During the first consultation, your doctor will develop the so-called "treatment plan". He will inform you of the state of dentition, possibilities of treatment or its alternatives, explain all the indications and contraindications, calculate the approximate cost and time to complete the procedure.

In our clinic, we offer our patients the possibility of treatment in a painless and professional manner. Our patients’ safety is our priority, which is why all the tools and instruments we use are exemplary sterilized by Melag or disposable. What is more, a professional system of dental units, automatic disinfection, enables sterile access to water in your cup and compressed air.

We possess modern equipment which highly improves the quality of our services.

For the sake of our patients, we have purchased a microscope for endodontic procedures, an X-ray thanks to which we will be able to get your tooth image in a few seconds, a device for mechanical canal preparation, equipment for measuring canals, a sandblaster and a scaler. All works are performed using magnifying glasses, providing even greater accuracy and precision.

We only work with the best dental laboratories in Poland to provide our patients with the highest standard of dental procedures performed by leading dental technicians specializing in aesthetic dentistry.

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